Monty’s Honey Run

This is Andy Johns’ first foray in making a ZX Spectrum game and straight out of the gate it’s a cracker. It was made using the excellent Arcade Game Designer. There are many more games coming down the pipe using this so keep your eyes peeled.

You star as Monty Mole, beloved character and star of many other games. As Monty you must collect honey pots and try not to get killed by a multitude of bats, snakes, minecarts and other murderous objects. The levels and nice and varied and easy to navigate, there is a fair bit of challenge but it doesn’t overly punish you. Monty controls very well, its very precise and if you die its your fault and not the controls. The enemies are fairly easy to navigate and hit detection is very balanced.

Graphically its very bright and colourful, cheery almost. Monty is well animated as are enemies and moving objects. There is a nice graphical touch such as on trees when you land on them you land on the branch and not on the greenery but jump in place again and you are on top of the greenery, something that made me smile. The only negative is that there is no music in this game, I believe that is a limitation in AGD but the sound effects work well.

There’s a lot to like in Monty’s Honey Run, it’s fun, challenging and most importantly its keeps you coming back for more. I liked it even more than Andy John’s second game Monty Mole And The Temple Of The Lost Souls. I give 5 out of 5 honey pots.

Download and play the game for free (Facebook)